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Peppermint is the most familiar and popular of the estimated 25 mint species in existence. It’s naturally occurring hybrid mint—a cross between water mint and spearmint—that’s indigenous to Europe and Asia.

Peppermint (M. balsamea Willd) happens to be one of the most versatile plants around. It is used medicinally, in hygiene products, for cooking, in beverages, and even as an ingredient in insecticides.

We source our peppermint leaves from Egypt & US. At Niks Tea we love to blend Peppermint Tea with other herbal & leaf tea., Our Peppermint Tea herbal infusions have a unique minty-fresh flavour that will awaken the senses and soothe the soul.

But while we tend think about peppermint as an herbal tea beverage first, there are so many fascinating facts and amazing applications for this well-known herb.

Because of its high menthol content, which gives peppermint its characteristic aroma and flavour, the leaves are harvested and its oils extracted for use as a flavouring in breath fresheners, drinks, ice cream, chewing gum, mouthwash, toothpaste, and most popularly in tea. Of the peppermint oil produced in the U.S., 45% is used for flavouring in chewing gum, 45% in oral hygiene products, and the remaining 10% in foods, pharmaceutical applications, flavour for liqueurs and aromatherapy products.



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